Easy Web Translator
(a.k.a. ezWebTranslator)

Important Notice:

ezWebTranslator uses two on-line web translators. BabelFish and Google. The default (BabelFish) changed the web API therefore is not working anymore with this version of ezWebTranslator.

In order to get ezWebTranslator working, you will need to change the 6th button (Translation Server Selector) state from Babelfish to Google and should work. Don't forget: ezWebTranslator requires an Internet Connecttion.


With ezWebTranslator full phrases can be translated between many languages.


The application consists of four user interface elements:

  1. The Toolbar
    The Toolbar contains provides a short access to the common actions

  2. The Edit Window
    Inside the Edit Window you can type or paste the text which needs to be translated. Usual edit key can be used (e.g. Arrows, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+P, etc)

  3. The Browser Window
    Is a full featured Internet Explorer window with a context popup.

    If the result uses special character sets (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, etc.) and you see wrong characters you can click right inside the window and in the context popup -> Encoding select appropriate character set.


  4. The TrayIcon
    Can be found on the task bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
    - To show/hide the ezWebTranslator just click on the tray icon.
    - To invoke the application context menu click the right mouse button.

    The Tray Icon also displays the state of the current operation. When the icon is animated the application does access to the translation web server.


User Interface Description

Please Note:
For better making this help easier, the source language will be A and result of translation will be named B

  1. Translate
    Translates the text from language A to language B. Access the drop-down menu to select another language pair. The list of language pair will change when the server is changed

  2. Reverse Translation
    Translates a text from language B to language A.

  3. Clipboard Translate
    Translates the text contained in the Clipboard. This is handy when you copy a text from another application (e.g. Internet Explorer) and you want a quick translation.

  4. Copy To Clipboard
    Copy the result of translation to clipboard. You can later paste the result into you e-mail client, chat window or MS Word.

  5. Lookup Translate
    Translates from language A to language B and after that back from language B to language A. This is very handy for finding synonyms and checking the translation. Take care... The result of translation can become not exact after to many Lookup's

  6. Translation Server Selector
    Access the Drop Down popup to change to another server. Currently only the two most powerful servers are used (Google and BabelFish).

  7. Hide
    Hides the application to tray bar.

  8. About
    Provides a information window about the author.

  9. Exit
    Exits the application

Additional Commands (Right click on the Tray Icon)

  1. Start Up?
    Here you can select if ezWebTranslator will start automatically when Windows starts up.

  2. Stay On Top
    When active the ezWebTranslator window will stay always on top of all windows

Supported languages

Download and License

ezWebTranslator is FREEWARE. You can use the application without paying anything. For more information read the my Freeware License Agreement. By downloading the application you confirm that you agree with the License.

Before download the application you must read my FREEWARE License Agreement.


Item Download Link
ezWebTranslator.zip Version 1.0 (Build 5)

ezWebTranslator is provided as a single executable application in a zip file. for installing the application you need to unzip and copy the ezWebTranslator.exe in one empty folder and simply execute the application. To uninstall the application simply delete the exe file and content of the folder where the application was copied.

About The Author

You can find more about the author following this link:



For using ezWebTranslator you need:

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

  • Internet Explorer 4.0+ Installed

  • Internet connection active

Copyright and Trademark Notices

ezWebTranslator uses JVCL
Delphi JEDI Library

ezWebTranslator is NOT affiliated with Google or Babelfish. EzWebTranslator provides only a user interface for those web servers.

For a more complete list of translation services you may visit the sites:

Proudly made with:
Borland Delphi
Personal Editon Version 6.0

All other product names and services identified in this application are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.