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ANNOUNCEMENT, please read!

Service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped 

I want to thank you for being interested in Video2Photo 1.0.
Unfortunately, the service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped on February 1st, 2005.

Well, there where over 9.000 registrations offered in 2004-2005, for FREE, in a so called the BETAUSER initiative. This wasted a lot resources from my side so I decided to focus on Video2Photo Professional.

What means this?
You can still use the limited Video2Photo version 1.0 with the superimposed banner, for NON-Commercial use. But the banner shall remain superimposed over each frame.

Is there any way to get Clean snapshots with Video2Photo?
Of course. Video2Photo Professional has a different license, a lot of new features and an user manual.

If you are really interested in getting Video2Photo PRO, visit Video2Photo Professional website.

Sorry for inconvenience and I hope your understanding.




(1.64 MB)

Video2Photo installer is an executable installer which will install all files needed to run Video2Photo on your computer. Before you download the software is recommended to:

  • Read Tutorial and the FAQ

  • Read the license agreement

  • Check if you have at least Microsoft DirectX 8.1 installed on your computer

After installing the software you are encouraged to register.


User Manual
(472 KB)

The User Manual helps you to find out the functionality of Video2Photo. The current version of the user manual is not complete and may contain also some outdated information.





Web This site
This section contains a list of some useful direct download links for packaged needed to run Video2Photo.

Note: The Windows XP operating system includes DirectX 8.1. If you use Windows XP, you do not need to install DirectX 8.1.
DirectX 8.1 needs Approximately 55 megabytes (MB) of available space for installation. Once installed, you can delete the installation files. The remaining DirectX files use approximately 15 MB of hard drive space. If you had an earlier version of DirectX installed on your computer, you will see little difference in used space on your hard drive. DirectX 8.1 will overwrite the earlier versions.