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ANNOUNCEMENT, please read!

Service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped 

I want to thank you for being interested in Video2Photo 1.0.
Unfortunately, the service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped on February 1st, 2005.

Well, there where over 9.000 registrations offered in 2004-2005, for FREE, in a so called the BETAUSER initiative. This wasted a lot resources from my side so I decided to focus on Video2Photo Professional.

What means this?
You can still use the limited Video2Photo version 1.0 with the superimposed banner, for NON-Commercial use. But the banner shall remain superimposed over each frame.

Is there any way to get Clean snapshots with Video2Photo?
Of course. Video2Photo Professional has a different license, a lot of new features and an user manual.

If you are really interested in getting Video2Photo PRO, visit Video2Photo Professional website.

Sorry for inconvenience and I hope your understanding.

Video2Photo can capture individual frames from a video source, such as a DV camcorder, Web cam, or from a local video file (AVI, DivX or MPEG). You can play the movie from within the application and easily select individual frames or sections to be extracted. In addition, you can choose to apply a variety of effects or processing options to all or selected frames, including color corrections, cropping, old photo effect, and more. The result can be exported as HTML thumbnail gallery, Flash file (SWF), AVI movie, or individual image files. The interface is easy to use, even for non-technical users, and uses a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process.

Video2Photo can import:

  • Single frames from a Digital or Analog Camcorder or WebCam

  • Single frames or sequence of frames from a video file (AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2*), MPEG-4/DivX **), Video CD, S-Video CD*))

  • Single frames from an Internet Video Stream (experimental)

*) - A compatible MPEG-2 Decoder is required to be installed on your system. Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder is recommended
**) - DivX 5.1 Codec recommended to be installed

Video2Photo can export:

  • Uncompressed BMP or compressed JPEG file sequences

  • HTML Web Gallery

  • Macromedia Shockwave Files (SWF)

  • Windows AVI with compatible Video for Windows Codecs (DivX, XVid, MPEG-4, Indeo, Cinepak...)

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Feature Matrix

The following table presents the differences (in detail) between the Video2Photo 1.0 (free) and Video2Photo Professional:

Feature Video2Photo
Can be used for commercial purposes No1) Yes
Can take snapshots from video files Yes Yes
Can take snapshots from live video (e.g. Webcams, miniDV) Yes Yes
Can take snapshots from live internet videos Limited Yes
Can take snapshots from Digital Photo Cameras No Yes
Support for multiple languages No Yes2)
Step control, Go to Frame, Go to time, Improved selection UI No Yes
Frame Deinterlace Limited Yes
Improved filters with templates No Yes
Exports as Flash Presentations and Animations Limited3) Yes
Exports GIF, PNG, TGA No Yes
Improved Web Gallery Export No Yes
Automatic Snapshots (Time-lapse animation functionality) No Yes
Onion Skin (Stop Motion animation functionality) No Yes
Remove Noise No Yes
Enhance Stills from Camera No Yes
Can compose videos from graphic pictures (e.g. JPEG2AVI) No Yes
Can create web galleries from snapshots taken from digital cameras No Yes
Can attach snapshots to an e-mail No Yes
Is free Yes4) No
You can get technical support No Yes
Supported with updates No Yes
AVISynth Support (frame server) No Yes
User's Manual No Yes

1) Video2Photo 1.0 can be used freely only for private and academic purposes. Video2Photo 1.0  must not be used for any commercial purposes.
English - available, Deutsch - in preparation
Limited to 320x240 resolution
A text "Made with with Video2Photo" will be superimposed on each exported frame


Common use cases

What you can do with Video2Photo?

Home Use
You have your favorite family photos on tape (miniDV, VHS, Video/Hi 8, Digital8) or in a video file (AVI, MPEG, etc.) and you want them stored on CD or put them to Internet.

DVD and (S)-VCD authoring
You have just made your DVD or (S)-VCD and you would like to create the navigation menu. Add a web gallery with photo highlights. Create small animated loop sequences for the DVD menu from the source.

Web Authoring
Spare precious bandwidth by creating photo highlights of your published web videos or even small AVI's. Let your visitors previewing the video before they download.

Digital Imaging
You just shot a rare low-res video with your digital camera and you would like to have some screenshots for print or web.

Animation & Frame Painting
You have a High-Quality videos and you want to paint/animate over each frame in a paint program or save the individual frames uncompressed or compressed. You may also use the frames to create small animated gifs.

Time-Lapse Movies
Did you see on TV, flowers rising in front of your eye. You figured that behind the movie was a high sophisticated technology? Whatever is high-tech or not Video2Photo can help you (if you have patience of course) to see, on video, things which are to slow for your eyes. Read here how you can use Video2Photo to achieve time-lapsed movies.

Stop-Motion Animation
Do you know that movie named "Chicken Run"? Well it uses stop-animation technique. Video2Photo can help you to do that. More about this subject here.



Video2Photo 1.0 can be used freely for private and academic purposes, at home, in schools, labs, etc.

If your application is not registered, a label will be superimposed over all exported frames.

Please Note:
Video2Photo 1.0 must not be used for any commercial purposes.

Beta Testers are encouraged to participate to the Beta Test Program. They will benefit of getting new upgrades before release and custom builds.

I want to thank you for being interested in Video2Photo 1.0, but unfortunately, the service of offering Registrations for FREE stopped on February 1st, 2005.

There where over 9.000 registrations offered for FREE last year. Every registration was processed individually and almost every email was perused. Please don't email me more asking for FREE registration. You can still use Video2Photo 1.0 for non-commercial applications but you should let the "Made with Video2Photo" logo superimposed over each extracted frame. If you want to remove the logo or more features you need to get Video2Photo PRO.



What is needed to run Video2Photo?

Since is using a flexible underlying architecture (Microsoft DirectShow), Video2Photo is flexible and open for future features. Video2Photo was designed for Windows XP. Windows 95 and Windows NT are not supported. Because of a lot of reasons the author decided to support only Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Video2Photo may work on different operating systems but the author cannot guarantee that. The author has feedbacks, from the users, that Video2Photo is working with Windows 2000, 98 and ME. Whatever operating system is used at least version 8.1 of DirectX is required.  Windows XP has already DirectX 8.1 installed. For live video capture a Pentium II>500 MHz with minimum 64MByte of RAM is required. The amount of memory is very important for frame pre-buffering which "eats" a lot of memory.



How it started?
How is now?

Rated 5 stars at WebAttack.com

Producto recomendado por EsMucho.net


Published on

Video2Photo started from one sort of author's personal frustration. He got a notebook bundled with multimedia software. The bundled software was ok for capturing stills from DV but missed a lot of features. That why the author got the idea to write this kind of software.

Video2Photo was not supported by any advertising campaign, but got a lot of popularity because of usability and rich features. As a matter of fact the only advertiser Google. The author started publishing Video2Photo on freeware.de (even being in early beta stage). Video2Photo got 1000 downloads in one week. The author gets 5-10 e-mails every day from people all over the world with congratulations telling also their experience with Video2Photo. The author is pretty impressed by the impact which this application got, and feels motivated to keep it running. This year two German national computer magazines asked for a permission to include Video2Photo on some of their future editions.

Listed on:
www.webattack.com www.imagespro.com www.brothersoft.com
web.planet.nl www.akademie.de www.softpedia.com
www.all4you.dk www.xtrempc.ro www.newfreeware.com
www.techtree.com www.ilsoftware.it www.soft32.com
www.imagespro.com www.freeware.de  


User Feedbacks

What users are saying?

This fantastic program has ended my frustration with extracting frames from videos. Very well thought out, simple interface, extremely easy to operate - a top-notch product! Now I can record movies with my digital camera and extract the best snapshots, instead of just hoping to capture them in fast-shooting photo mode... Absolutely recommended!!! (Jan Burke)

I was looking for some good freeware programs and I found your great program. It's very useful and easy to use. No problems with it till now. Thank you!! (Andreas)

I have found your video2photo application on the web. I will be using it to capture stills from home made videos that our band does. (Paddy - Australia)

I have taken numerous mpegs with my Sony camera and in the action movies getting that "still" shot your software can provide is great to capture that true "Kodak moment". I have emailed my family and friends the results of your software (Craig)

It looks very simple and useful for capturing pictures from video files. Actually I was looking for a possibility to transcript .avi movie files to .jpg files (Wladimir)

I love it, my whole family likes playing with (Jason)

I was browsing the Freeware World Team site and came upon your program. I downloaded it and have to say you have written a very professional looking and functioning utility! I will use it to extract still frames from my son's baseball games that I tape (Dave)

Thank you for the great and easy program. I used it to make a cover for our holiday video (Michael - Stuttgart)

I really like Video2Photo. Now I can grab screens from nearly any source. So far it has worked without any bugs and that is after quite a workout. Keep up the good work. (Mike W.)

I was delighted to find your video capture program earlier this week. It is very professional and easy to use. I've looked at several programs, but until now I haven't found a program as easy to use as the ..... Your program is not just as easy - it is better. Two features which I particularly like are the speed at which frames can be grabbed without interruption and the resolution 756 x 512 that it will capture at. (Jed)

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