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Video2Photo News

10 February 2005

Service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped 

I want to thank you for being interested in Video2Photo 1.0.
Unfortunatelly, the service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped on February 1st, 2005.

Well, there where over 9.000 registrations offered in the last year, for FREE, in a so called the BETAUSER initiative. This wasted a lot resources from my side so I decided to focus on Video2Photo Professional.

What means this?
You can still use the limited Video2Photo version 1.0 with the superimposed banner, for NON-Commercial use. But the banner shall remain superimposed over each frame.

Is there any way to get Clean snapshots with Video2Photo?
Of course. Video2Photo Professional has a different license, a lot of new features and hundred times better user manual.

If you are really interested, getting Video2Photo Professional, just contact the author for details.

Sorry for inconvenience and I hope your understanding.
27 January 2005

Issue running Video2Photo on Windows XP with SP2 

There is a way to get Video2Photo running on Windows XP SP2. Here is an excerpt form an e-mail wich I received from David L.

Dear Dan,

I wanted to let you know that I have found a fix. Sort of like a monkey randomly hitting keys, I right-clicked on the V2P icon, clicked 'properties' then clicked 'compatibility.' I then tried emulating Windows 98, but that didn't do anything--however, on the same menu is a box followed by "Turn off advanced text services for this program." I ticked the box and Voila! It started working. I don't understand it, but I'm up and running.

07 October 2004

Video2Photo Professional available for donators! 

Video2Photo Professional (version 2.0) is ready for testing.

This version is available only for donators.

If you have donated just contact the author to get more information.

CHIP Online Deutschland 

German Magazine CHIP will release a specia-edition called "Nero". Video2Photo 1.0 most likelly will be included on the cover CD.

The publishing date will be:
9. November
03 March 2004

Video2Photo Pro (2.0) - Sneak Preview 

Finally I found the time to make some screenshots with the next version of Video2Photo.

The new features are marked with red numbers on the screenshots.

Video2Photo Pro - Sneak Preview

To avoid hitting with questions like: "When?", I will tell you here that "I don't know" ;-)

Only donators will receive this version before the (unknown yet) release date.

So, DONATE OR WAIT! Your choice. :)
27 February 2004

New plugins are on the way 

The most important (must have):

- Super Resample
This one includes 8 interpolation methods, including Lancokz, Bilinear, Spline and offers resampling to some standard image formats like:
* DVD, SVCD, VCD, VGA (wallpapers)
* Mobile Phones Wallpapers and MMS formats (Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, SONY/Ericsson and so on)
* Printer Ready resampling (180, 300, 600 dpi)
and of course user customisable format.

Some other:
- RemoveNoise (remove the noise generated by low-light video shoting)
- Rotate/Flip
- Blur
- BlurMore
- Edges
- Emboss
- Engrave
- GausianBlur
- HiPass
- Litho
- Sharpen
- SharpenMore
- Enhance

Other features:
- Output plugin to create VCD/S-VCD/DVD ready movies from sequence of frames (using FFMpeg most likely)
17 February 2004

Flash Animation 

our daily ripa website has a nice flash animation made with Video2Photo.
11 February 2004

Planned Features of New Version of Video2Photo [v 2.0] 

I'm in the clean out phase of adding features to the new version of Video2Photo.

See them and comment them here:

pixelchain.com :: View topic - Planned Features of New Version of Video2Photo [v 2.0]

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