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Video2Photo News

31 January 2004

TechTV | Free File: Video2Photo 

Interesting for US users.

A Video2Photo story will be will be featured on TechTV's 'Call for Help' on February 2.
The show premieres at 3 p.m. Eastern and repeats the following day at 9 a.m. Eastern.

TechTV | Free File: Video2Photo
28 January 2004

Huh, big delay in providing activation codes 

Sorry, but the registration PC, screwed up...

What means this? Till I set up a new PC I'm not able to send any activation codes. So please be patient...
I assume that I will be able again to send activation codes in a day or two from now.

BTW! My registration PC was a SONY notebook and died suspiciously in his last day of warranty so I'm considering myself lucky ;-)
10 January 2004

Video2Photo Statistics 

In the last two months Video2Photo had aprox. 10.000 direct downloads.
The Video2photo website was visited by aprox. 50.000 different IP's
The traffic for december was 17 GBytes.
There are over 2.000 Video2Photo registered users.

I want to thank all Video2Photo donators because they help me to cover a big part of hosting expenses. Some of them are listed here
09 January 2004

DVD Benchmark 

A very good article.

DVD Player Benchmark - Introduction

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