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Video2Photo News

20 December 2003

Video2Photo listed for Gnomies ;-) 

Windows Fanatics on Lockergnome listed Video2Photo on their newsletter:

Windows Fanatics - Channels - Lockergnome

Result... Bunch of e-mails :)
17 December 2003

"...Hey why did you not sent me the activation info?" 

If this is your question, then you need to read the policy for providing the activation info (you can find it on the main page).

I'm not interested in getting your e-mail address. I'm interested in getting your feedback.
I really want to know the purpose of using Video2Photo so your feedback is requested. If you don't know english try french, italian, spanish, etc.

If you send me only that you want the registration info this will be not enough as well. This is NOT warez site.

All such e-mails I will simply ignore them.

Sorry! no feedback, no registration info.

Registration Info delays 

Because of the big amount of requests there might be some delay in providing the activation info for registered users.

Please be patient.

Video2Photo rated on Webattack.com 

Video2Photo achieved a maximum 5 stars rating on Webattack.com and got big popularity in the first days.
08 December 2003

Half-Resolution issue on DV Type1 files 

Some of you guys reported that on certain configurations Video2Photo captures Half-Resolution (360x288 or 360x240) stills.

What's wrong?

Sorry but this is not really Video2Photo's fault.
Type1 DV-files are normally decoded by the Microsoft DV Codec (or using a third party codec in some configurations)
Thoose codecs displays by default the video only in half resolution.

However I can provide two hints around this problem for Video2Photo users:
1. Capture/use Type2 files (this would be recommended for future)
2. This solution is only if you use a Microsoft DV Codec (The majority of configurations have this by default)
Download and start the following registry file to set the MS-DV codec to high-resolution. hires.reg


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