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Video2Photo News

24 October 2003

Video2Photo goes volume 

COMPUTERBILD online a computer magazine with ~3 million readers is asking to introduce Video2Photo on their CD's and WebSite. This is the third magazin asking to publish Video2Photo in last two months.
14 October 2003

AviSynth Support 

AviSynth is a simple but powerful frame server. I just got the idea to support AVISynth. It seems that the basic problem of supporting AVISynth is seeking video. AVS files cannot be currently seeked to get the frames. Maybe I need to use another interface or maybe AVISynth doesn't support such interface at all. Any ideas?!
Otherwise I need to find an workaround.
10 October 2003

Activation code 

It seems that the new site is better organized that the old one. I have much more feedbacks.

But there are some persons still don’t understand that I really need their feedback.
That why I give away the activation code for free...

So please, make real feedbacks (doesn't matter if is English, German, Italian, etc.)...

"Video2Photo is free. But, if your application is not registered, a label will be superimposed over all exported frames. To get ride of that text you need to get an activation code from the author. To get the activation code you need only to e-mail the author, telling him a few words about the scope of using the software and your experience with Video2Photo (bad or good ;-). "


Some ideas about cool galleries 

I plan in the near future to add some improvements to the web gallery.
The table layout (cells) will be read also from a BW bitmap (black no thumbs, white put thumbs). So, you can put your thumbnails on shaped table. In this case thumb names/info will become Hints.

Some features taken out :( 

I have taken out Quicktime and GIF support.

Don't ask why...

Not my fault! ;-)

Instead maybe I will add PNG support.
07 October 2003

Video2Photo in c't special 1/2003 

On 1st October I received an e-mail from c't Magazin:

"... Dear Software Author,

The German computer magazine c't will publish a special issue
(subject: digital video) which includes a CD ROM with
corresponding freeware and shareware programs (publishing date:
winter 2003). Your software "Video2Photo" has been
pre-selected to be put on this CD ROM. Some of the programs are
also to be included on a CD ROM for the Dutch edition of c't."

I hope that the registration process will succeed and some of you can find Video2Photo on the CD. Stay tunned...

c't special 1/2003
06 October 2003

New website 

Video2Photo website got a new look. Is not so cool like the old one, but is much clean and much optimized. I tried to reduce the redundant information and make it much useful. No frames are used anymore and the entire website (with pictures) goes under 1 MByte. I think the English writing has still problems, therefore if you find any big problem contact me.

The News section is handled now using the Blogger system, and this means that at least this section will be updated much more ;-).

Got no time in this weekend to add tutorials
05 October 2003

Previous History (old website) 

16 February 2003
Back in business ;-). Two days after my birthday a new beta release of video2photo is available. Check it! Has some new nifty features:

Exports Macromedia Flash presentation
Exports Windows AVI (using installed codecs)
Bunch of new IP Plugins (crop, color correction, etc.)
Bunch of bugs corrected. Most likely other introduced. But this means progress isn't it?! ;-)
Export GIF supported
Cleaner look&feel
Frames can be rearranged using Drag&Drop
Media Information available for Video Files
Improved Icon. You would think this is a joke?! No, it isn't... Now is very easy to recognize Video2Photo on your desktop ;-)
and more...
1 February 2002
Huh! My provider sucks from time to time :( ... But I will still stay here.

29 November 2002
Did a "Frame arround the photo" plugin. Huh! Got idea to implement scripting inside plugins. Will be slow but everybody can do their own FX's

28 November 2002
Looking around to write AVI files from frames.

27 November 2002
There where some problems with my domain. My provider managed to get it working finally

25 November 2002
Finally managed to renew the web site. Still working.

20 November 2002
Here, in Download area, I put first stable beta version

15 October 2002
Huh, get the domain. Video2Photo.

10 September 2002
Started developing.

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