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Video2Photo News

24 November 2003

Video2Photo on CD 

Video2Photo will appear in a special edition of c't Magazine (german magazine).
If you plan to get Video2Photo togheter with other coole utilities for Digital Video you can order the magazine here.

Note added on 16.12.2003
The magazine is now available.
06 November 2003

Getting Pictures from your VideoCDs and S-VideoCDs 

To get pictures from youd S-Video CD or VideoCD just open the
AVSEQ01.MPG or AVSEQ01.DAT in MPEG2 or MPEGAV folder of your CD Drive.

To get pictures from a S-Video CD you need an MPEG-2 decoder installed (usually bundled with a DVD Player Software).

One decoder which I recommend is:
MoonLight Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder

VideoCDs needs an MPEG-1 decoder which is bundled in all current versions of Windows/DirectX (XP, 2000, ME, 98)

02 November 2003

Video2Photo presented on akademie.de 

Seitenblicke vom 29.10.2003 - akademie.de [german]
01 November 2003

Video2Photo 1.0 Release 

The official release of Video2Photo 1.0 is planned for January 2004.
The current version is a release candidate. If nothing goes wrong this will be quoted as the official 1.0 release.

Video2Photo 2.0 Started 

Video2Photo 2.0 target spec started.
Some expected features:
- Output Plugins (AVI/MPEG to Animated GIF, Slideshow output, Photo (S)-VCD, etc.)
- Many other image processing plugins
- Multiple output formats (PNG, TGA, TIFF, ...)
- AVISynth Support through the Live Source Capture
- DV AVI File Capture with automatic scene split
- Improved Web Gallery, supporting templates
- and more...

Still searching for:
- Adobe Photoshop 8bf plug-in support
- DVD to Photo feature

A rough deadline for release of first 2.0 beta is 2nd quarted of 2004.
Stay tunned...

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