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Wher can I post any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the functionality of Video2Photo please post them on
Video2Photo's Forum.

How much costs Video2Photo?

Video2Photo is FREE. Video2Photo can be used freely for private and academic purposes, at home, in schools, labs, at workplace. Video2Photo must NOT be used for any commercial purposes.

I cannot start Video2Photo?

Video2Photo cannot be started with DirectX versions under 8.0? If you have DirectX version above 8.0 and Video2Photo doesn't start pleas contact the author.

I have a video file which cannot be opened, what can I do?

This usually happens when no appropriate codec is installed in your operating system. Try first to play the file in Windows Media Player. Most likely Windows Media Player will contact the codec provider and will download and install the codec. After, try to restart Video2Photo and load the file again.

When I capture I get a black picture?

First try to open the video file in VMR mode (activate the corresponding checkbox in Source Screen). If still doesn't work, then most likely your video file is protected (doesn't support frame grabber interface).

Certain frames are skipped when rendering. What can I do?

It happens that some asynchronous video source files, cannot seek so fast as the Video2Photo requires when rendering. Therefore is recommended that if you get lost frames during rendering, to increment the Safe Frame Seek time to values above 100 ms and activate the corresponding checkbox.

I want to gain time when rendering?

If you want to speed up the rendering time you can decrease the number of image processing effects or experimentally decrease or even disable Safe Frame Seek delay (when your video source supports quick seek operations).

There is a bunch of applications which does the same as Video2Photo does, so why you did this?!

Yes, is true... But this functionality is a subset of some big applications (e.g. Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio, ACDSee, etc.) And by the way... Those are commercial and in some cases you need a lot of time to understand how to do this in a way as Video2Photo does. Video2Photo doesn't try to replace completely those applications. Video2Photo tries to give you the same results with no efforts and at no charge.

I decide to Donate but I don't know how and how much?

Donations are welcome. You can donate anonymously or publicly (your name will be published on Credits link). You can use PayPal or contact me directly to give you needed information. Any amount over 10 Euro can be donated. If you want to donate below 10 Euro, better send me a postcard from your home city. ;-) You are free to choose the amount of money and the way to do it.

I found a bug in Video2Photo, where I can post this bug?

If you found an issue regarding the software you can report that to the author. His e-mail address is Please start you e-mail client and type the e-mail address which you see on screen.. Since Author's time is limited he will consider only bugs which are clear and better reproducible. If you found a cool feature which you think that can be added to the software please send that also. The author will consider the feature only if is really useful and doesn't break the Video2Photo philosophy.

Why Video2Photo?

Well, because this is the main purpose of Video2Photo. To extract Still photos from many video sources (camera, video file, etc.). Beside this functionality Video2Photo can be used to create Web Galleries, Macromedia Shockwave slideshows or even to put your stills back in a AVI file.


I'm a developer. Can I write plug-ins for Video2Photo?

Of course! If you have basic knowledge of building DLL's and image processing experience, follow this link for more information.

Some interesting plug-ins which are on my ToDo list, together with assigned priority:

  • Photo CD/ISO Export (I)
  • Script Plug-in (III)
  • Photoshop Plug-in loader (II)

Can be Video2Photo used with AVISynth?

Currently Video2Photo can open an AVS file but the graph cannot seek. Whatever there is a workaround to support AVISynth in near future by real-time capture. Author has the intention to support AVISynth if is possible.