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Video2Photo News

10 February 2005

Service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped 

I want to thank you for being interested in Video2Photo 1.0.
Unfortunatelly, the service of offering Video2Photo 1.0 Registration for FREE stopped on February 1st, 2005.

Well, there where over 9.000 registrations offered in the last year, for FREE, in a so called the BETAUSER initiative. This wasted a lot resources from my side so I decided to focus on Video2Photo Professional.

What means this?
You can still use the limited Video2Photo version 1.0 with the superimposed banner, for NON-Commercial use. But the banner shall remain superimposed over each frame.

Is there any way to get Clean snapshots with Video2Photo?
Of course. Video2Photo Professional has a different license, a lot of new features and hundred times better user manual.

If you are really interested, getting Video2Photo Professional, just contact the author for details.

Sorry for inconvenience and I hope your understanding.

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