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What Users Are Saying?

My purpose is to use it in an academic setting as a helping tool in dealing with my scientific video processing. Since my task is very simple, I'm looking for an easy and efficient program to deal with.

Roberto- Argentina

I am a fourth year university student from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been helping out my church with it’s website, and at times it is required to capture still frames from videos so that we can use them on the website or in printed material that we hand out at each service. I also use it with my home videos to capture some timeless still photos from video tapes. It has been easier to email them this way! So far I’ve had an awesome time with Video2Photo. It is so incredibly easy to use. I also like the fact that it can source images from almost anywhere that I want to source them from. Form my video capture card, from mpeg movies already on my hard drive etc. Thanks for developing one of my favorite pieces of software!

Rohan - New Zeeland

I have just found your software and plan to try it to extract still images from the DV movie made during my recent wedding.

Many thanks in advance,

I meet the problem to make extracted photos from avi file. To solve this process I made search on the net, and have I seen few possibilities for transforming of pictures. I think that your method is very useful and practical!

Csibi (Steve) from Budapest

What a superb program! When I first downloaded video2photo my expectations were very low but after using it I found it to be very easy to use and now I can take stills of my kids from all the vids i've got. Brilliant!

Best wishes.....Panch.