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Output Plug-ins


Output plug-ins are standalone executable files which are called from Video2Photo to process the rendered files. The Output Plug-ins are called in two modes:
  • Configuration Mode
    In the Config screen of Video2Photo when the user click the Settings Button for a selected Output Plug-In
  • Run Mode
    In the Finalize screen of Video2Photo right after the rendering was finished if Apply Plug-in was checked in the Config Screen.

Please Note:
If no output plug-in was selected the Image Browser of Video2Photo or the external browser will be called.



Plug-in Runtime

PluginName.EXE need to support two modes.

1. Config Mode
In this mode the application will present an user interface which virtually will edit the INI file (explained below). On closing the application the INI file need to be written.

2. RUN mode
In this mode the application will present a screen centered window with a progress. The application will end automatically after the processing was done.

Configuration File

PluginName.INI - consist of settings keys for the plug-in. The file format is similar to Windows INI file format.

Each INI file need to contain following keys:

; Plugin Name
Name = Photo CD Creator

;A brief description of the plug-in or a HTML text file
Desc = This plug-in process all input frames and creates an Photo CD ISO File which can be burn with a CD Burner software

;Author Name of the Plug-In
Author = Daniel Codres

;Author's E-mail
AuthorEmail = dan@<no-spam>codres.de

;Video2Photo minimum version required to start the plug-in
MinVer =

Source File

PluginName.SRC - consists of a list of files, folder or other SRC files. The Plug-In will read this file, build a list of individual source bitmaps/movies and execute a action.

Each line is considered an input value. A input value can be a real file or files defined by wildcards (DOS Style). Even other Source Files can be provided (linking). Empty lines or beginning with ; are ignored.


Output Plug-ins

  • Slideshow
    Will create a standalone EXE file (or video file) which will present the files in a slideshow with a music track and transition effects

    Status: Development
  • Image Converter
    Will convert selected frames to other graphic formats (PNG, GIF, TIFF, TGA and so on). This plug-in will extend the graphich file output of Video2Photo.

    Status: Planned
  • Photo CD/VCD PhotoCD
    Will create an ISO image of a compatibe Photo CD/VCD which can be played on your TV using a standalone DVD Player.

    Status: Planned